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"Planet Earth is inhabited by many giant creatures. On land we can observe the rhinoceros, and in the sea, whales and sharks, but for a long time the giants of the freshwater remained unobserved. It is here that fish swim that attain unbelievable dimensions. They are rare, little known, and scientifically unexplored. We call them the Freshwater Giants – twenty four freshwater fish on our list who are fighting for survival."

About Us

Freshwater Giants Foundation is a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to seek out and conserve the largest and rarest species of freshwater fish on the planet, in order to prevent their extinction. A list of twenty four giant freshwater fish has been made over a period of ten years.

Each fish can attain a length of two metres and weigh at least one hundred kilograms. Although we know much about marine and terrestrial giants, the freshwater giants remain scientifically unexplored and unknown. In most cases, they inhabit unique locations. These fish are the "lions of the freshwater", supreme predators of their ecosystem, the complexities of which would collapse without their presence.

We do not have a lot of time. Many of these wonderful creatures are close to extinction, fifty percent being on the verge of disappearing by the end of the century. The Chinese Paddlefish, the largest freshwater fish on the planet, may already be extinct. The key to conservation is knowledge, understanding the problems occurring within their habitat, and finding ways to revitalize the populations of these rare fish. We believe that, thanks to the work of many conservationists around the world, we will be able to slow down this decline and rebuild their populations.


Freshwater Giants Foundation has been engaged in conserving freshwater fish in the USA, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The sponsor of the foundation is Jakub Vagner, a world renowned angler.


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The Sponsor of FG

The Sponsor of FG